VetBuy is the only dedicated military automotive purchase program of its kind in the Tampa Bay Area today.

What is VetBuy?

VetBuy is a vehicle discount program developed exclusively to meet the special needs of our military service members, veterans and their families.

Who is eligible?

All members of the U.S. military - past and present - including National Guard members, Reservists, ROTC Graduates and Homeland Security employees can buy through the VetBuy program.  We can also help those who quality to apply for special programs such as VA Auto Grants that provide funds for adaptive vehicle purchases for physically challenged Veterans.  Proof of service is generally required, i.e. government ID, VA card, DD214, etc.

Does VetBuy really give you a better deal?

Yes, VetBuy offers special discount incentives that have been negotiated with participating dealerships.

The Military Vehicle Purchase Plan allows all service members and their families to purchase new or pre-owned vehicles at the lowest possible price.

100% of the factory incentives are passed along to Vets, without question.

Special financing may be available through participating banks, credit unions and manufacturer's programs.

Can I trust you?

A resounding YES!  VetBuy was established in 2005 by a group of Tampa Bay area veterans and their families who wanted to see a better way for our heroes to purchase vehicles.  We have served thousands of clients and made many new friends.  VetBuy is active with several veterans groups and we participate in numerous military support programs.

What can I expect?

VetBuy will serve as your personal auto consultant and help you with every aspect of the purchasing process.  The program continues to regularly add new dealerships to our network of Tampa Bay area auto groups who have agreed to offer special programs to veterans, active military personnel and their families.

What is the VetBuy service area?

At the present time, VetBuy is available throughout the Tampa Bay area in Florida with a number of participating dealerships in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.  We are able to serve a large retiree/veteran population as well as active duty personnel from Central Florida's array of military complexes.  We welcome any customers visiting the Tampa Bay area as well.  Your new or pre-owned vehicle can be waiting for you when you arrive!