Traveling With Pets

Meet VetBuy’s official CarDog, Sadie.  She loves riding in the car and travels extensively.  Since lots of service members and veterans like to travel extensively…some for pleasure and some for business…Sadie wants to provide a few reminders.

“Thinking of buying a new car…Don’t forget about my special needs!  I need room!!  While I love to ride, I want to be comfortable and have room to lay down.  My “mom” loves SUVs because there is plenty of room for my compadre, Boomer, and me to lay down in the back. Our GMC Acadia is the best!!!  We have loads of room to move around during our semi-annual trips to Idaho and back each year.  During our travels, I often see dogs up front in the passenger seat or on their owners’ lap. While we dogs love to be near you, it is a potential hazard for us to ride in the front seat, especially on your lap.  I get excited and may impede your ability to drive and the air bags would be a real danger to me should an accident occur.”

“I also see dogs locked in hot cars during the summer.  Even with the windows cracked, interior car temperatures can quickly exceed 100 degrees when it is mid-80’s outside.  I cool myself by panting and sweating through my paws.  In a hot car, I can’t get cool enough and may suffer heat stroke.”

“We have a pick-up for pulling my ‘mom’s’ horse trailer.  I like riding in the back seat, but I really hate to see dogs riding in the bed of the truck.  It is so dangerous and is illegal in lots of states.  If traveling with your pets, please make sure the vehicle is safe for them to ride along!  Lots of companies make tie-downs that connect to the seat belts and keep us safe.  And remember my motto…wag more and bark less!”


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