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All members of the U.S. military, past and present, can buy through VetBuy.

We will serve as your personal Auto Consultant and help with every aspect of the purchasing process.


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Vets Helping Vets...

VetBuy's mandate, from day one, was to develop and implement a vehicle purchase plan that addressed the special needs of the military.  Far too often, deployments, TDYs and PCSs, by their nature, create a sense of urgency for our military families which result in hasty buying decisions that create a financial hardship for years to come.  Veterans may be ignored, disrespected or taken advantage of in the buying process.  Our service members deserve better, and VetBuy is here to ensure that happens!

A Program Built on Trust

VetBuy founders understand the special needs of veterans, service members and their families because we have been there.  Our "Fast Trac - No Hassle" Military Purchase Plan utilizes 5-Star auto dealerships throughout the Tampa Bay area.  We have been helping military buyers for over a decade and have thousands of satisfied customers and many new friends.  We pride ourselves on helping to meet your needs, ensuring that you are treated with honesty and the honor and respect you deserve.


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